Modular Enterprise Software

Real-time Monitoring of Vehicles and Drivers

Advanced Reservation Management

Integrated Single-Platform System

Vehicle Tracking for Preventive Maintenance

Support for Multi-Vehicles, Multi-locations

Real-time Operational Management

Driver Profiling for Maximum Safety

Support for Advanced Mobile App

Independent Yet Integrated Modules

Automated Regulatory Compliance

Manage Human Resources, Operations, Accounting

Our Mission

IRIS is committed to providing fully integrated, single-platform, end-to-end, modular enterprise software that is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the ground transportation industry.

Our Goal

The goal of IRIS is to reduce the administrative and operational burdens of the ground transportation industry through the development of innovative and integrated technology solutions.

Modular Integration and Innovation

IRIS is the first software system to provide an integrated modular approach to all operational, administrative and compliance needs of ground transportation enterprises.

Single-Platform End-to-End Development

Easy to use, IRIS offers a mobile, real-time management solution for customer reservations, accounts receivable, and account data as well as comprehensive customer support services through integrated functionalities designed for the demand-response ground transportation business.

Elegant and Practical Enterprise Solutions

IRIS enterprise software improves the productivity and efficiency of ground transportation services through robust integration of operational and administrative functionality. The IRIS solution can be applied to one vehicle or a fleet of thousands with the same cutting-edge efficiency and bottom-line benefits.

Communication System