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NuRide Transportation Group brings innovation to the ground transportation industry, taking a fresh perspective, and introduce an entirely new standard for business through new and advanced structural and technological initiatives.

Our Mission

The mission of NuRide is to develop a new standard for the future of transportation through the innovative use of real-world efficiencies, integrated systems and business processes designed to respond to the current and prospective needs of the transportation industry.

Our Goal

The goal of NuRide is to provide sustainable transportation options that reflect the evolution of transportation from both a practical and visionary perspective and introducing an entirely new standard for business through new and advanced structural and technological initiatives.

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(Former Governor of New York State)

Senior Advisor

David A. Paterson became New York’s 55th Governor on March 17, 2008. He created history by becoming the first African American governor of New York and the first legally blind governor. Governor Paterson’s extensive experience, business, corporate and political connections are invaluable for the Company. In addition, the Governor is passionate about a project that brings so many benefits to New York City. The Governor was appointed to the Board of the MTA (The Metropolitan Transportation Authority). “Former Governor Paterson will bring a unique and practical perspective, particularly with respect to issues affecting minority communities and disabled New Yorkers…” – Governor Cuomo. Governor Paterson has always been ahead of the national curve, New York State under Paterson’s leadership also made judicious investments in infrastructure and business growth. He resurrected the moribund Moynihan Station midtown railway project, which finally broke ground on his watch. The governor’s economic development initiatives helped the Empire State retain and attract Canon, IBM, Yahoo, and other top companies that are investing billions of dollars in the state and creating high paying jobs.

Core Values at NuRide

NuRide adheres to a set of core values that informs our decision making processes and business goals.


We are developing a new standard for the future of transportation through an optimal set of organizational and technology capabilities.


NuRide's focus is always on the future, creating new solutions that meet customer needs in entirely new ways.


NuRide managers and employees feel a direct responsibility for business performance and expect to be held accountable for their personal actions.


As a transportation company, NuRide understands the importance of safe travel; therefore, we ensure that all of our transportation assets consistently operate at the highest levels.


NuRide's transportation industry focus places great value on the reliability of its services, always working to gain and keep the trust of our clients.

Respect for the Individual

NuRide values diversity in all areas and is committed to creating an open and inclusive environment for all staff and clients.


At NuRide, we work to fulfill our obligations by creating a strong and sustainable business that will provide lasting value for all company stakeholders and our community as a whole.


NuRide believes in partnering with clients and staff to create long-term relationships. Strong partnerships form the basis for organizational success and the development of innovative solutions.


At NuRide, we understand that we represent the leading edge of transformative action in the transportation industry. Consequently, everyone at NuRide goes beyond expectations to establish new standards of performance in whatever they do.

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