A real-time view of business operations

Accurate cost calculation

Advanced navigation with real-world views

Survey critical fleet data easily

In case of emergency

Reliability in ETA

View from the cloud

Cutting-edge software platform

Efficient use of assets

Genius in routing

Top-quality drivers

Real-time alerts for proactive response

Our Mission

NuAuto welcomes all clients needing transportation and fleet management to its state-of-the-art facility. NuAuto is committed to helping all transportation enterprises by supporting their risk management, safety, and compliance needs.

Our Goal

The goal of NuAuto is to make top-quality, end-to-end fleet management functionality available to all FHV providers, whether they operate one car or many, whether an in-house capability or an outsourced need.


NuAuto provides comprehensive services to all entities that depend on transportation in their business. With NuAuto, companies and individuals can eliminate or minimize the risks of operating for-hire-vehicles (FHV) and other transportation assets. The full-featured approach of NuAuto enhances business efficiency, improves productivity, and lowers overall costs. NuAuto handles all complex compliance requirements, including duty of care.

Advanced Facilities and New Standards

Our comprehensive and detailed maintenance services are conducted with the utmost care, whether for routine upkeep or emergency repair. NuAuto uses its management expertise to assist all service providers with both in-house and external options.

Communication System