LaPuma: A World of Prestige for All

LaPuma: Distinctive Travel Regardless of Destination

LaPuma: Elegant Value for Every Trip

LaPuma: Everyday Luxury for All Riders

IRIS: Pioneering the Field

IRIS: Unique Systems Approach

IRIS: Integrated Modules

IRIS: High-Level Development

NuAuto: Advanced Maintenance Facilities

NuAuto: New Standards for Quality

NuAuto: Integrated Support for the Enterprise

NuAuto: Constant Vehicle Monitoring for Safety

Integrated Priorities for the Transportation Industry

  • NuAuto


    NuAuto's modern vehicle facility ensures that all vehicles they service provide maximum safety and reliability for clients.

  • SLS


    SLS's distinctive car services offer elegant travel for even the most cost-conscious consumers.

  • IRIS


    IRIS is designed to address all facets of transportation business management, from detailed vehicle tracking and maintenance to human resources and accounting.

Innovative Companies Focused on the Future

The NuRide family of companies offers an integrated view of the future of the transportation industry. From the cutting-edge software development of IRIS to the professionalism and skill of NuAuto to the appreciation of customers’ travel requirements at LaPuma, NuRide offers effective transportation solutions.

NuRide Transportation Ecosystem

NuRide provides a complete transportation ecosystem designed specifically to support our clients, our partners, and our industry. NuRide’s multi-faceted focus on all the complex facets of transportation as a whole offers a perfect environment in which our people work to help others navigate a rapidly changing world. NuRide’s family of companies – LaPuma, IRIS and NuAuto – work together in a mutually beneficial way to improve service at all levels. As the only company with a commitment to total integration, NuRide promises superlative performance – and delivers every time.

Innovative Standards Mean Top-Quality Performance

NuRide brings a new standard, new values and new focus to transportation solutions. As the only company with a commitment to total integration, NuRide delivers on its promise of superlative performance every time.

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